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At Go Your Own Way (GYOW for short), we offer funeral plans to suit your specific needs taking into account personal tastes and desires, and making sure that all aspects of the funeral are handled with class, sensitivity and attention to detail.

Flexible Plans

We provide flexible plans, giving you the option of modifying or upgrading your plan as it suits you, and leaving you with the choice of transferring your plan to anyone you desire, at any time, in any location in the United Kingdom.

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Quality Service

We work with a variety of funeral plan providers in various locations in the country, selecting only the most professional and highly rated service providers to ensure the highest quality of service delivery possible.

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You're In Good Hands

We make sure that the payments you provide are secure in a trust fund run by some of the brightest minds in the business. We ensure growth by intelligent investments and we enforce accountability by an independent panel of Trustees to make sure your funds are truly safe with us.

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Varied Payment Options

We provide flexible payment options ranging from a lump sum to annual or 24 month or even 10 year payment options to suit your needs.

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About Us

At Go Your Own Way, we place primary importance in the bonds of family and friendships that hold people together in moments of crises. We understand that loss is difficult, and we realise that, at this critical moment, you need all the help and support you can get. In this light, we provide a team of advisers with a wealth of experience in estate planning services, offering you knowledge you can draw on and a choice of providers to suit your particular needs. We are committed to our clients, and we have a hard won reputation for providing customer care services that are among the best in the country. We accomplish this by our dedication to treating our clients like individuals rather than a monolith, assigning each customer to an expert customer care representative to provide all necessary assistance. We treat our clients like family, and what use is family if we are not there for you in your time of need.

You can save up to £700 on your will and power of attorney when you purchase any of our pre-paid funeral plans. Within 5 days of taking a plan, our solicitors will be in touch to arrange a home visit to provide you with their excellent will writing and power of attorney service, free of charge.

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We provide the following services

Will Writing

A Will is one of the most important documents in any ones life. It aids the avoidance of conflict, and often serves as a means to safeguard and protect the loved ones left behind in the event of death.

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Power of Attorney

In the event of impairment or disability, the legal responsibility to make decisions is often given to a trusted advisor to carry on your wishes in the way you would like.

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Funeral Plans

Our prepaid funeral plans help outline funeral plans in the event of death to the last detail, so that the last wishes of our clients can be carried out to the letter. We offer a range of services designed to make the funeral process as hitch-free and financially convenient as possible for family and loved ones, while making sure that the wishes of our clients are respected.

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Professional Will, Amendment and Annual Review

In the event that you haven’t already made arrangements, we provide free will storage, annual reviews and amendments to make sure that any changes you want made to your last will and testament are quickly and professionally made. We provide these services at your convenience, from the comfort of your home or office, and we assign an advisor just for you, to answer all your questions and provide whatever clarification you desire.

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Why Take Out A Funeral Plan?

In the event of sudden death, things are understandably hectic. A funeral plan in this situation serves the purpose of making sure that your loved one is interred in the manner that they wish, and at no additional financial implications in such a trying period.

Are GYOW Funeral Plans Fully Guaranteed?

GYOW Funeral Plans make sure that you never have to spend any extra money on funeral directors and services when your loved one passes on, there still remain additional costs beyond our control. Such costs are known as third party fees, and in light of this, GYOW Funeral Plans have the Pearl, Sapphire and Ruby options which provide a £1,200 cover against these third party fees.
This allowance covers specific third party disbursements such as:
• Cremation or Interment Fees
• Doctor’s Fee
• Minister or Celebrant Fee

In any situation where the above sum in insufficient to cover for the above, the responsibility for the rest of these fees will fall on the family of the deceased.

In the Topaz Funeral Plan, however, the funeral directors fees and services are covered by the plan, while the other third party disbursements are to be covered by the family of the deceased.

It is important to note that these fees would have to be paid before funeral services can commence, and that any shortfall remains the responsibility of the family members.

GYOW Funeral Plans also provides the Direct Cremation option, which fully covers all costs relating to the cremation of your loved one with no additional cost to the family.

How Does The GYOW Funeral Plan Work?

The GYOW Funeral Plan works in the same manner as others: the payments by the planholder are placed in a ring-fenced trust fund — in this case, Pittman’s Trustees Ltd — which is then managed by the reputable global financial service giant UBS.

This investment increases in value during the course of the life of the holder of the plan, and the total sum at the end of the plan holder's life is disbursed to a reputable local funeral director who then carefully carries out the funeral as set out by your loved one before their demise.

Do GYOW Funeral Plans Cover For Burials Or Just Cremation?

In its most basic form, GYOW Funeral Plans only covers for cremation. However, all options save the Direct Cremation could be adjusted to also  cover for burials. This would require an arrangement for a burial plot by the planholder or the family members.

Can A GYOW Funeral Plan Be Transferred?

In summary, yes, GYOW Funeral Plans can be transferred from one person to another. However, this would require the establishment of a direct line of communication with us in order for the required adjustments to be made.

Do GYOW Funeral Plan Customers Need To Pass A Fitness Test?

Unlike insurance providers, GYOW Funeral Plans do not require our planholders to pass any medical fitness tests.

Will Any Change In Location Affect My Funeral Plan?

GYOW Funeral Plans cover all locations within the United Kingdom, so as long as you remain within the boundaries of the United Kingdom, your plan will remain active.

What If I Move Abroad?

Since GYOW plans only apply to locations within the United Kingdom, holders of GYOW plans who move to other countries could either:
• Transfer your plans to any family or friends in the United Kingdom, or
• Cancel your plan and receive a refund of all funds accrued up to that point with the subtraction of a standard £249 cancellation fee applicable to all plans purchased after the 1st of February, 2018. For plans purchased before this date, cancellation fees are often higher.

What Happens If A Planholder Dies Away From Home But Still Within The Boundaries Of The United Kingdom?

As previously stated, GYOW Funeral plans cover all locations within the United Kingdom. In the event of a planholder passing on in any location away from home but still within the United Kingdom, GYOW Funeral Plans will make arrangements for the deceased to be transferred to a chapel of rest closest to the location where the funeral is to be held. It is important to note, however, that any transport exceeding 20 miles will be charged at rates peculiar to the funeral director, and that this fee is expected to be covered by the planholders representatives or family members.

What If A Planholder Passes On Away From Home, And Outside The United Kingdom?

In this case, GYOW Funeral Homes makes no provision for the transportation of the corpse of the deceased from the country of their passing back into the United Kingdom. These arrangements should be taken care of by their travel insurance, and once the deceased is back within the United Kingdom, GYOW Funeral Homes will make provision for the corpse to be transported from the airport to the closest chapel to which the funeral is supposed to take place. It is important to note that if the distance to and from the airport by the funeral director to retrieve the corpse of the deceased exceeds 20 miles, the cost of fuel will be arranged by the relatives of the deceased at whatever rate charged by the funeral director.

Can I Cancel My GYOW Funeral Plan?

Cancellations of GYOW Funeral Plans within a period of 30 days of the ‘Plan Effective From’ date as detailed on the plan certification, would lead to a full refund of all funds with no issues. However, plan cancellation after 30 days from the ‘Plan Effective From’ date will result in a refund equivalent to all funds accrued up to that point with the subtraction of a standard £249 cancellation fee applicable to all plans purchased after the 1st of February, 2018. For plans purchased before this date, cancellation fees are often higher (plans purchased before 01/03/17 have a cancellation of £395, and plans from 01/03/17 to 31/12/17 result in cancellation fees of £495)